Would you benefit from life coaching?


We are now offering life coaching as part of the ‘Better Together’ project.  The service, which is provided by accredited coaches, is being delivered by ‘Results CIC’ a community interest company that works with people who feel marginalised or excluded, with the aim of increasing their confidence in their abilities and supporting them to reach their full potential.


We can fund up to 10 sessions with a coach and these can be delivered face-to-face (when we’re back open), online via ‘Zoom’ or ‘Skype’ or over the phone.  Sessions normally last one hour.


The aim of coaching is to empower you to make positive changes to your life through a series of focussed conversations where you look at your current situation, decide what you want and then work with your coach to decide on the necessary steps to get there.


It can be particularly beneficial for people who are:

  • Recently diagnosed and re-assessing life choices and possibilities
  • Recently granted leave to remain in the UK
  • Underemployed or doing a ‘lower’ job than qualified for
  • Seeking new challenges or wanting to change direction in life
  • Long-term unemployed but now preparing to return to work


The service is open to anyone living with HIV – including peer mentors.  If you feel that you’d benefit email joshua or call 0161 274 4499.

Thursday, 15 October, 2020

Two-thirds of people living with HIV would like to try injectable treatment


Two-thirds of people on HIV treatment would like to switch to a long-acting injectable regimen, according to a four-country survey presented to the virtual HIV Glasgow conference this week. Healthcare professionals answering the same survey thought fewer people – a quarter – would end up switching.


The survey was run on behalf of ViiV Healthcare, who make injectable cabotegravir/rilpivirine, so it might be expected to come up with a favourable result. However, an independently run Italian survey found an even greater level of interest, with 89% of respondents being interested in injectables.


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Monday, 5 October, 2020

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