George House Trusts volunteer strategy for 2020-2023 demonstrates how we aim to continue as a successful volunteer-involving organisation by setting out the direction of the work of the George House Trust volunteer programme.  We want to ensure that we have a range of roles that are attractive to prospective volunteers, that our volunteer team feels valued and that volunteers get the most from their experience at George House Trust.


This strategy sets out how we will recruit, support, manage and retain volunteers over the next three years.  We have set out 5 goals to ensure that we maintain excellence in volunteer management.  We commit to regularly reviewing this strategy in line with our organisational values throughout the next three years.


We will measure the success of our volunteer programme through regular monitoring and we will record data which allows us to properly assess the impact of our goals.  With this strategic approach to volunteer management we aim to ensure that volunteering at George House Trust remains a meaningful and rewarding experience and that volunteers are recognised for the significant contribution they make to improving the lives of people living with HIV.


You can check out the full Volunteer Strategy here


Rachel Purvis

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Tuesday, 29 September, 2020

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