All the HIV clinics in Greater Manchester remain open.


Due to the ongoing outbreak of Covid-19 across the UK most HIV clinics across Greater Manchester have reduced their opening times and the number of face-to-face appointments they offer. This is to reduce the risk of transmitting Covid-19 and because staff at many clinics have been redeployed to other parts of the NHS.


Clinics are doing most of their consultations over the phone – if you are on treatment, have an undetectable viral load and have no medical issues, you will probably receive a supply of medication and your next set of bloods will be deferred for six months.


You may still be asked to go into clinic if you are newly diagnosed, switching treatment or you have a medical need that cannot be dealt with over the phone.


Below are the contact details for all the clinics in Greater Manchester. For further details please check your clinics website or call them on the number provided.



Contact number

Bolton Sexual Health Clinic

0120 439 0771

Bury Sexual Health Clinic

0300 303 8565

Goodman Centre – Salford

0161 206 1099

North Manchester Clinic (Outpatient D)

0161 918 4263

North Manchester Clinic (Outpatients B)

0161 7202 677

Oldham Sexual Health Clinic

0300 303 8565

Orange Rooms – Ashton-Under-Lynne

0161 342 7101

Rochdale Sexual Health Clinic

0300 303 8565

Stockport Choices Centre

0161 204 5888

The Hathersage Centre

0161 701 1555

Withington Clinic

0161 217 4939

Tuesday, 26 May, 2020

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