ViiV Healthcare are launching a public awareness campaign entitled ‘HIV has changed’ which intends to increase the public’s knowledge and understanding of HIV and to encourage people to test for HIV.


The campaign’s focal point will be a 10-foot living structure made up of a range of plants and flowers spelling out H-I-V that will be placed in New Cathedral Street in Manchester City Centre from 7-10 September.


The plant-based letters will be a physical representation of life and growth, and members of the public will be encouraged to interact with this living representation of HIV.


ViiV Healthcare hope that the message that ‘HIV has Changed’ will spread beyond the city centre as people passing by will be able to walk up to it, take pictures and share images on social media and other channels.


George House Trust, along with our PaSH partners LGBT Foundation and BHA for Equality, are supporting this campaign.



Friday, 1 September, 2017

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